September 9, 2020

3 Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Volatility May Spike Before The Monthly Close

By admin

This is the age when virtual currencies are doing good. More and more users start using it in different countries, and that is why the prices of various virtual currencies are increasing at frequent intervals. With time the demand is rising, which is leading to an increase in rates. The markets have seen huge volatility in the last few months, and this month is also expected to be exciting for the traders. In this regard, many experts are expecting some volatility in Bitcoin price ahead of its monthly close. Let us look into some of the top reasons that may contribute to the high volatility situation in Bitcoin price.

Consolidation phase of bitcoin:

Bitcoin reached its yearly high price recently when it touched $12486 on Coinbase. However, after that, the price fell back, and it is struggling to break $12000 again. It is observed that whenever the price consolidates for a long duration without giving any breakout in either direction, volatility can spike up in the market. Any small range leads to a bottleneck situation, and it is likely to break out in one or both directions in the near term.

Options contract expiry:

The options contracts are expiring shortly, and this can also lead to high price volatility in the market. The open interest in the market is not as high as the pasta months, and millions of dollars worth options are waiting for expiry. In most cases, this leads to a lot of volatility in the near term, and even technical experts are looking out for such a possibility.

Selling pressure at $11900 levels:

Even though the price of Bitcoin has increased a lot on a yearly basis, it is not holding beyond $11900 levels, which is a cause for concern. Most experts believe that when the resistance levels are very strong, the BTC needs to cross it convincingly and hold above the level for a few weeks. Till then, it will keep facing selling pressure, and it may form a lower high on the charts.

These factors are influencing the price of Bitcoin in the market in recent weeks. All these factors can lead to a significant breakout in any direction, and traders need to be cautious while taking big positions. It is always a good idea to hedge your positions during such events as you will be able to limit the losses if the price moves in the opposite direction.