September 7, 2020

About Two Years Ago Kim Dotcom Has Already Made A Prediction That Bitcoin Will Rise

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This article deals with everything regarding how Kim Dotcom predicted that BTC will be the one to rule along with the fact that he also said how the US dollars will have no value at all.

The Details on the Prediction that Kim Made

Kim Dotcom is a digital rights activist and an Internet Entrepreneur. He congratulated his Twitter followers who purchased Bitcoin after he advised them to do so back in 2018. On the 17th of August, a tweet was published saying that the founder of Megaupload, a now-defunct file-sharing website, also applauded for its followers who successfully capitalized on the rising cost of gold.

Kim Dotcom Thinks that the Traditional Currencies will loose Their Values in Future

In August 2018, Kim put a piece of advice to his followers that they should purchase gold and Bitcoin. He also added that the United States dollar bills will hold no value in the future and also the economy of the country is holding a great potential of heavy downfall. His gut feeling says that the BTC will take down all the traditional currencies.

Not Everyone was Moving According to Kim’s Advice

However, there is one user who actually debunked what Kim Dotcom had to say. He claimed that the ones who took his words seriously did actually nothing fruitful apart from doing something useless. To this Dotcom replied to this saying that he must be a novice.

Some More Details on Kim’s Enlightenment

As of press time, at present Bitcoin is trading higher than 12000 USD but on the other hand, gold has revived over 2000 USD within a few weeks. Kim Dotcom is well known for keeping a high interest in the world of cryptocurrency.

The Declaration Made by a Crypto Exchange

Bitfinex, a cryptocurrency exchange made an announcement on the 22nd of October that its IEO, which is the acronym for Initial Exchange Offering, the platform would be proffering digital content monetization token. It is known as in partnership with Mr. Dotcom. But, the business made a very sudden cancellation of the token sale on the 5th of November mentioning the altering face of the controlling survey over such tokens.

That was an overall idea about the prediction regarding the domination of Bitcoin in the upcoming future and forever, made by the popular Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom.