August 4, 2020

English Football Club hits Multi-Million Dollars Ransomware Attack

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What is Ransomware Attack?

It is the critical software used to demand a ransom. This software is designed as it can encrypt all files of the computer system. At the moment, when software encrypts all the files of the system, it automatically starts to demand ransom and threats the company or person. After this ransomware attack, the computer operator cannot see or use his files or system until he pays the amount.

Ransomware Attack on the English football club

In the past days, the cybersecurity authorities had warned the sports sector about the ransomware attack. On 23rd July, the UK national cybersecurity centre announced the report related to the ransomware attack against the sports community.

Recently, the English football league club hit the ransomware attack under which attackers demanded multi-million dollars in Bitcoin (BTC). According to the reports of cybersecurity, the ransom amount threat was 400 BTC ($3.66 million) from the sports sector. The sports club has rejected to pay the ransom, and as a result, they lost their whole stored data.

This Ransomware Attack could result in high loss

The report shares further information that the attack also resulted in more damages. The club lost its usage of corporate emails, turnstiles, CCTV systems due to the attack.

Moreover, there is not any public information that permits criminals to enter or gain access to their system and may access the CCTV system. Hundred thousand pounds is the cost of the attack, impart by UK cybersecurity centre.

Impact of ransomware attacks on the sports sector

40% of the attacks on the British sports authorities are related to the malware and a quarter of the attacks are related to ransomware.

 These attacks are growing day by day as cybercriminals target the high profiled sports authorities. The software behind these attacks is commonly available on the darknet.


Going through the studies, it can be identified that the ransomware attacks are increasing from the year 2018. Ransomware attacks have increased worldwide by 200% in a small part of the time.

High sports entities are the main target of these ransomware attackers. Once the ransom is demanded, it should be paid, or the ransom will be increased with time. 

Not only sports authorities, but many other centres and authorities had also been targeted by these attackers in past years. So be careful with your files and data.